it started with a box full of shells (documentation)

Why work created during September-November follows on from my favourite piece made during the summer.

I intended for the box to remind me of my summer spent travelling around Wales, mostly the sea side towns I had visited.

The box itself is made by hand with cardboard and paper mached over with strips of newspaper I found on my travels. I then covered it in the shells I had spent ages individually picking up whilst at Aberdovey.

When making the box I had started to think about showing emotion through my work in regards to textiles. To also carry on with the beach theme, I created little embroidered messages about how I had felt that day at the beach, picking up all those shells. I then put them in little glass bottles and sealed them. This was to show the idea of sharing my emotions while still having an element of secrecy.

The glitter, pearls and gems were added for an exaggerated effect of the ocean. The glitter representing the various colours of coral and fish you can find down there; the gems added hints of treasure and the fake pearls representing the beauty of natural ones.


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