sequin nudity (concept)

The concept behind my sequin piece is influenced by Haitian Vodou flags. These flags are mostly made by practising vodou priests and their followers which means they have highly religious and celebratory symbolism behind them. I have used these ideas to create something that is celebratory of the female figure without it being taken as sexual. Also the human figure can always be seen as religious because we are what God made us but my work plays on how the female figure can be worshipped in the wrong ways and I attempt to change that. By using sequins I have made something that is visually beautiful without thinking too much into the over sexualisation of the breasts which are in the centre of the piece.

This piece is also deeply personal because the outline for it came from a photograph of my body so I am trying to celebrate my body but without being completely open because there is no detail in it that portrays it as my body. I am still trying to work out whether I would want people to know that this is me or whether that would change the concept in any way.


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