etching my life away (concept)

During our second session with Sue she gave us a presentation on artists that use etching. I found most of them to be working in landscape but I liked more of the narrative pieces. Kiki Smith is an artist I have looked at before but never closely. After the presentation I went and had a look at more of her work and really like her narrative way of working. This is what made me decide to try one of my comic paintings as an etching. However, I felt etching was not suitable to my style of drawing. Kiki Smith’s work fits etching really well because of her sketchy drawings but mine are more comic style and graphic which I find works best in screen printing.

The crystal I had in my drawings and then started to work on more in my prints started out to just be decoration but has I worked into them more, it made me think about how I had deliberately chosen crystals in my work that celebrates the female body and emotions because they perfectly describe how girls can look pretty but still tough.


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