etching my life away (documentation)

My work took a turn into the world of print when I signed up for Sue’s etching workshops as my Material project. I really enjoyed experimenting with something different and begun my etching tangent on the 8th November where we were introduced into etching and taught out to prepare plates. We then experimented with mark making and managed to print our experiments all in one workshop.


The next week I then tried a different technique that Sue introduced me to called ‘stop-out’. I used this to re-create one of the drawings included in a feminist comic I had drawn.

Unfortunately even after being introduced to this technique etching was not for me (I has started to do screenprints of my comic drawings in my spare time. But Sue was determined to introduce me to something new during her class so the next week I tried collograph. I made collograph plates of crystals out of cardboard which I really enjoyed and was even more pleased with the outcome. I carried on with collagraph during the rest of the project and even worked into screenprints and previous etching prints with them.



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