screamprints (documentation)

While still working on my sequin pieces I began to create feminist comic strips and drawings that celebrate femininity. As I spent more time in the print studio I decided to turn these into screen prints because this is something I hadn’t done in years and really missed using the process.

The drawings that make up my main screen print started from a day of experimenting with colour, glitter and words to express how I was feeling. The final outcome of this day was a drawing of myself. I then started to ask friends if they would like to be involved and started to draw them. I started to branch out to include other girls so my work could be more relatable0. I then put the 4 final drawings I had created onto a screen and printed it.

Turns out the screen I had originally put my drawings on was too small so the next time I went down to the print studio I put it onto a larger screen this time adding words into the middle because I felt something was missing.

The more prints I was collecting and the more time I spent in the print room made me experiment more with colour, overlapping and even tried with glitter/metallic paint which did not work out as well as I had hoped.


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