FIELD – Art & the Conscious Mind

Part 2 – Where is the conscious mind?

Having missed last weeks lecture and workshop, I spent the week going through the slides Rob sent us in order to catch up. I agree with one of the points made in Rob’s PowerPoint; that “everything is conscious” in terms of time and things being present and this is something that stood out to me during this PowerPoint.

Having gone through the PowerPoint and having some basic understanding as to what the conscious mind is allowed me to keep up to date with yesterday’s lecture. Many of my notes are things that stuck out to me during the lecture but I had some views on some of the points made.

Overall, the lecture made my thoughts linger on the sentence “you are not your brain”. This reminded me of RE lessons and different arguments for the ‘soul’. If we are not our brain then we can imagine our ‘self’ as a almost like an orb/aura that stays around our bodies, then when this embodiment of us dies it is easy to believe in some kind of reincarnation (Buddhism). This is especially true for me because I suffer with de ja vu on multiple occasions. This could also be linked with some of the quantum physics points Rob was talking about but, honestly, I got a little lost at that point.

When covering the views on where the ‘self’ ends, I started to think about how actions and things we put in the world can be remembered so is this idea of a ‘soul’ exists then parts of the soul would be in the things we put into the world and how other people and there souls react to us and this adds to their ‘self’. I feel that artwork is a powerful example of this because an artist takes the time to create this extensions of themself, most of the time based on their views, emotions and experiences (what can made the ‘self’. This piece of work/self is then put into the world for someone else to experience, take in and add whatever they took from that certain piece of work to their ‘self’.



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