FIELD – Art & the Conscious Mind

‘Labyrinth’ Workshop – Artwork Participation

{videos to be uploaded}

I found this workshop really interesting in terms of what I was writing about yesterday after Rob’s lecture; about how people can experience pieces of artwork differently and take different things away from it. I’d like to talk about this artwork as if it had a self. If it’s an embodiment of a self the same question are posed; where does it start/end? Where are it’s boundaries? Are there boundaries between it’s concept and physical elements? (Internal and external).

I found that the piece, for me, hasn’t ended. I went through experiencing it, then talking about it as a group afterwards, talking about it outside of the workshop hours with other students and now I am writing about it again. Also, having experienced it, is it not now a part of my ‘self’?

People in the discussion said they felt that the piece was very controlling in terms of their reactions and how they felt towards it but I don’t feel this is particularly true. This is because it is quite a simple piece, consisting of light and fabric, and it is our ‘selves’ that would control our reaction towards it. Light and fabric would remind different people of different things.

For me, this certain combination of light and fabric reminded me of a waterfall. This slight hint of blue in the lights and the ripples of the fabric made me feel really calm and self aware. After a while I started to ignore the other people around me and was submerged in lines and ripples. As more people started to leave and I was the last person in the artwork, laying on the floor, just breathing this only enhanced my self-awareness.



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