FIELD – Art & the Conscious Mind

Part 3 – Self Awareness

In yesterday’s lecture, Rob took us through many theories about our self awareness/consciousness. Questions that we went through in the last lecture resurfaced like where to locate the self aware mind and is it that we just have the one self or multiple? Rob went through the idea of multiple selves in more detail and gave us the idea of when too mirrors are facing each other; infinite mirrors, infinite minds. Can we be aware of ourselves being aware of our self?

I think that we can. From an artist perspective, artwork is a reaction to us being aware of ourselves, this is especially the case for self portraits. If I was to paint a exact portrait of myself, this would show how I am aware of my physical self, however, if I was to create a more abstract piece of work that represents my ‘self’ this is showing I am aware of all the things that create my ‘self’. For example, Tracey Emin’s bed tells a story of her history, experiences and reveals the emotions she was feeling at the time through the objects she has chosen to be a part of the work. They are not just physical things but are a symbol for an emotion or experience.



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