FIELD – Art & the Conscious Mind

Last Workshop – The Unseen with James Green

The workshop today really tied everything in Field and in Subject today for me. The lectures with Rob have been really helpful in helping to expand my self awareness when it comes to my artwork but the workshops have not been that helpful in terms of subject. James started to talk today about inanimate objects having a ‘self’, which is what I’ve been thinking in terms of physically representing things in art. This made me think alot about my subject when in terms of the crystal shapes I’ve started to repeat.

The idea that inanimate objects is a very spiritual thing that I have been interested in for a few years now. The idea that natural things can give off certain types of energies is something that I belief myself (and my artwork always stems from me). This is something that I applied to the sketch below doing the workshop. The idea of colours representing auras or even the ‘multi selves’ we have been talking about is something that I really like. The idea of ‘multi selves’ is also intriguing to me because of my de ja vu but also because I am a believer of alternate universes. If I had not experienced a certain thing in my life, would I be a completely different person?

Overall, this workshop was really helpful when it came to taking everything I had learnt in lectures and applying the concept to my subject work. I think the fact that James is one of my Fine Art tutors was a massive help because I got to talk to him further about my work in the session. acm-9-2-james-workshopacm-9-2-james-workshop2acm-9-2-james-workshop3The colours in this drawing was also influenced by the information I read on minerals in the National Museum on Wednesday.


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