FIELD – Art & the Conscious Mind

Presentation – Ways in which this Field module have helped with my subject work.

  • Where does ‘self’ end? This question had allowed me to think about just how much of me goes into my artwork and how it is an extension of myself. I started to think about this during the end of college. Where I do a lot of textiles work, I have started to research into the idea of the development of the self through manipulation of materials. I belief this idea comes from Karl Marx and Marxism, which I haven’t looked at for a while. Doing this project as reminded me of this interest and has pushed me to go back into researching it.
  • Do inanimate objects have selves? This project has encouraged me to look at my beliefs in my detail so my artwork is more informed. Crystal healing and auras.
  • Multi-selves and the exploration of alternate universes. Lucid dreaming and de ja vu. These are all things that have been small interests of mine and this project has made me think about them more and how I could research more into them to have a better understanding of myself, therefore, know how to represent this better in my work.

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