fabric to print…

What happened last term and where I went from there.

My work has come along way since deciding to use Louise Gardiner’s ‘Liberty Lighthouse of Love’. Although I have gone off onto many tangents and experiments I still hope to be influenced by this piece as I begin to plan my final piece for the end of the year. Gardiner’s piece was a commission for a store’s 140th anniversary but I saw the piece in Ruthin in The ‘Wit of the Stitch’ exhibition where I was greatly influenced by the way she spoke anout her work and how it “is very emotive. It is quite layered and full of different feelings I got though on a daily basis”. I still want to make a large scale emotion textile piece but feel that my concept was lost in last term’s work. My most successful piece last term was the sequin body piece. I feel that this achieved the most in terms of showing emotion and I would like to carry on using the sequin method in my larger planned piece. My work last term was not a waste of time though as it allowed me to experiment with different materials and also develop skills I hadn’t used in while. This work also led me onto using crystals as a base of my emotions and feelings.




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