…to sketchbook to paint to fabric?

further material exploration that will hopefully lead into a full circle!

The crystal prints that I made right at the end of the print workshop last term were my starting point for this term. I was really impressed by how they came out and wanted to use them as a base, as a way of showing and symbolising emotions and thoughts. This term I have done a lot more emotive writing and sketches in my sketchbook which I feel have really helped me build my concept. Working with simply materials has also really allowed me to stop and think about design and how to portray things in fabric. I feel that my sketchbook has been a really helpful way of starting my creative process and a perfect way to develop subject work. From my sketchbook I moved on to painting as a way of experimenting with colour, scale and imagery before working in fabric.


These sketchbooks have really allowed me to experimenting with using mixed medium, layering, collage and free hand drawing (which is something I wasn’t comfortable with). I feel that it’s really helped develop my conceptual thinking and my skills as an artist. I started to create small paintings but was encouraged by James to think bigger which is why my final piece for this term was a painting. 16832185_10155053335919399_339293797881134475_n16864465_10155053335814399_8262885522836020076_n16864568_10155053338434399_3623336935138448615_n17622895_10154258924756143_1301878195_o (2)


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