travelling art

This term has made me think about all the different contemporary that artwork can be seen and shared with the public. To be honest, isn’t Facebook the new art gallery? You won’t get paid but posting pictures online will definitely give you exposure.

It has also made me think about how I’ve put my work out into the world without even realising. My link with textiles means I have be customising and making small pieces of artwork for a while now. Maybe it’s not conventional but to me my dreamcatchers are exhibited on children’s walls, constantly protecting them; my customised jackets are being exhibited everyday on the back’s of people, some of them are even people I don’t know.

I wear a crystal round my neck everyday, and with the beginning of this crystal project, I made my own rose quart necklaces that I proceeded to sell. To me they are tiny pieces of art that can now be worn around people’s neck, exhibited proudly on their chests but I didn’t see that until I spoke to James about his Key Concept lecture.

In regard to the pending exhibition I had thought about displaying my more conventional ‘fine art’ work as a pop up exhibition in the empty/spare room of my house. I was planning to hang textile pieces in the big bay window. There were some other girls interested in this. I wanted to create a really personal feminine exhibition, however, there were some complications with the owner of the room. I would still really like to do this kind of exhibition but would need to look for a new place.


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