exhibiting design vs ‘fine’ art

The two exhibitions I have been to that have affected my work this term have both been considered craft or design exhibitions which has meant no conventional white walled silent gallery types. This is something I have really enjoyed seeing. Everything I have learnt this term has taught me to think outside of the box when it comes to exhibiting work. It has also taught me to not be worried about getting a place in a established ‘fine’ art gallery but to look at small town crafts centres as well. During my visit to Ruthin Arts Centre over the summer I saw successful craft artists exhibiting work and also teaching workshops there which is something I am really interested in doing.

‘You say you want a revolution?’ at the V&A was so popular that there were queues into the venue and spots were fully booked which is something I have not experienced at a fine art experience. I feel that design is relatable to more people. It was really interesting as exhibit because of the headphones you were given to listen to whilst walking around. Unlike usual headphones, these ones did not give out information that you could read for yourself but played music that related to the exhibition which made it interesting and lively.


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