key ideas from key concept

I found the first lecture we had by Andre Stitt really helpful in terms of. One of his own pieces really stuck out to me. Where he chose to walk around with a sign that read ‘I love you’. Passersby by would walk by and he talked about how happy they were to read it and the positive energy he got from doing the piece. I feel that sending out a positive energy through artwork is really important and is something I aim to do in my own practice.

Andre pushed us to go out and find more example of site specific work and I wanted to find more pieces like Andre’s that give out positive vibes. I came across a book in the library which I felt was really relevant to my work and things that I want to achieve in the future. It also mentioned one of the artists James’ mentioned in the brief introduction.

Street Craft is a book about a form of graffiti that, in my opinion, needs to take off! The book stuck out to me because of the all the yarn bombing artists it features but I found some of the other artists really interesting as they do work that I would never of thought of. I like how, along with knitting, other domestic skills are used.

Paige Smith’s work is really relevant to my work. I love how she creates small crystal like shrines in otherwise dirty spaces. They’re slightly hidden pieces of work would only stand out to people that are willing to look see beauty. Her work has made me think about a more 3D outlook on the crystal subject, however, it is not something I have worked on yet.

OLEK is an artist I am in awe of because of the put scale of her work. After reading up on her work I started knitting again but soon got annoyed by all the stitch I had dropped and my wool getting tangled. Her choice of colour is also very deliberate; dismissing traditional camouflage colours and replacing them with pinks and purples. Choice of colour is very deliberate for me as well. Most of the time my over use of pinks, etc is ironic. It’s always fun to question the representation of gender.



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