you say you want a revolution?

Going to see ‘You say you want a revolution?’ was like a big conceptual light bulb for me. This exhibition was a real turning point for me as I found a lot of inspiration from the all the 60’s design and information that was on show there. Everything came together when I came across a dress made by Marijke Koger. The description of the dress contained loads of words that I have always be interested in even before I started my crystal project. It was really motivating to see the history of the kind of style I would love to work in.

The exhibition was also really enlightening in terms of how many things were being protested and how the generation thought against it in such a positive way. I feel that this is something really important that needs to be brought back as we are still battling the same things as we were 60’s years ago but people have become negative and complacent. I want to carry a positive message of unconditional love in my work. I know that it won’t reach everyone but it’s worth a try.

I researched into Marijke Koger a little further after the exhibition and found this video:

I love the idea of this live art but would be terrified to actually paint infront of people so I took pictures of my process and turned it into a video instead but I would love to build the confidence to be able to do this. I think it’s a really interesting way of exhibiting work as you are not initially showing the final piece but also the process behind it.

Below are my notes from the exhibition and my initial response to it, that I wrote on the way home from London:



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