con – welcome house exhibition

My decision in exhibiting in Welcome House was largely influenced by the artist Paige Smith. Smith works with sculptures of geodes made just from paper and resin casts. This series of street work is called ‘Urban Geode’. Smith chooses places like cracks in bricks and abandoned phone booths, everyday forgotten places, in an attempt to challenge people to look and discover. I am a fan of how she copies naturally beautiful things and places them into such man made places, it really creates a different kind of world, a magical one where beauty can be found in the everyday. This is something that I strive to do with my own artwork, create something beautiful and bright in such a negative world.

If I had had more time in the abandoned house I would have loved to played around with representing crystals in a 3D way like Smith has done or like the work of Roger Hoirns. ‘Seizure’ is a commissioned piece by Hoirns where he transformed an everyday council flat in London into a beautiful blue crystal world.


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