doc – welcome house pop up exhibition

The small pop up exhibition we all took part in at Welcome House allowed me to my paintings in a different way to how I displayed them for Spring assessment. We only had a 2 hour set up in the abandoned house which allowed me to get out of my head a little bit and think of the quickest, most effective way my work could be seen. I had really wanted to put the four paintings up on a wall and continue the auras on around the paintings. Lack of time meant I ended up displaying the paintings on the floor, with enough room to walk around. I feel that looking down on the painting gave a new perspective, almost like the paintings had opened up a door to another dimension. I thought this to be interesting and fun. I liked how, even in a dark and dingy room, my paintings were bright and stood out. It proofed to me that theories looked at in Field were true; that inanimate objects can give off their own presence. My paintings demanded that you look at them as soon as you entered the room. Also that art can really portray an artists personality through an emotional connection. All of my work really stood out against the dirt and grime of the abandoned house, I feel that the opposites really worked well.


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