con – crystal pastel paintings

My work benefited lot from the work I did during my second Field module, ‘Art and the Conscious mind’. The theories we talked about during this module helped to push my down a more spiritual route that made me think about the direct link between what goes on in my head and art I put out into the world. The crystal paintings are a way of representing emotions and thoughts because of the meaning that they are associated with. Each colour and form of crystal and geode meaning a different thing. Looking into other artists who have taken a crystal route, I found Alexis Arnold and Elyse Graham. These two artists works are different in style but both explore themes of time and discovering something unexpected. Arnold uses crystals to freeze books in time, removing their content so that we have to look at the object as non-functional and appreciate the beauty of nature taking over something man-made. Graham’s work explores time through its process and the discovery in the reveal of something beautiful in, what seems like, an ordinary object.


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