con – template making

I had a feeling I would be able to successfully make the waistcoat design in my head because of how successful a waistcoat I had made a few years prior had been but the template was to reassure myself. My waistcoat design had been stuck in my head since the beginning of 2nd year but I decided to explore other things during the year because of the route I had gone down with regards to my Field work. I had, subconsciously, begun to collect material over the Easter holidays and previously bought 2 big embroidery hoops that I had planned to make bigger versions of previous work with but once I sat down with all my ideas and material my mind went back to the waistcoat idea and the dress I had seen in the exhibition ‘You Say You Want a Revolution’. My mind had been on textiles for a while because it is the topic of my dissertation and I was bored of the conventional ways of exhibiting ‘Fine Art’ thanks to research I had done this year in regards to exhibiting work. Creating wearable art is something I love doing as clothing is a massive part of how someone portrays themselves. I wanted to create something better then my waistcoat before so I decided to make a longer, dress-like waistcoat.

^ photographs from 2015 of waistcoat made in college


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