con – Louie and her amazing technicolour dreamcoat

The massive influence for my waistcoat is the dress I saw at the V&A by Marijke Koger. The mix of colours and embellishments are things that spoke to me on another level and I spent a good 20 minutes staring at the dress. The description next to it at the museum was a list of words that I have researched and been inspired by for years now: “gypsy, magikal, folk heavy, escapist, hand crafted”. Koger also made the dress for herself which is one of the main reasons I made the waistcoat; for myself. To wear but also to prove to myself that I can create things that even impress myself.

After looking into Koger more, I feel that she is an artist that will stay with me and continue influencing my work. Her paintings are a level that I would like to get to in terms of crystal paintings and she is also known to have done live painting which is something I would like to get into. There is a modern an American internet artist that I have followed for a while, called Elle Paisley, who reminds me of Kroger’s work, which is reassuring to know there is a niche for this kind of work in the modern world.

^ Elle Paisley                                                                Marijke Koger ^



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