doc – Louie and her amazing technicolour dreamcoat

Once I had my template down I started to cut up square of the fabric I had collected. I had been buying fat quarters of fabric from every fabric store I went past. I stuck with floral, paisley patterns I felt were bright and quirky. I had to make enough squares to make patchwork square big enough to get the template out of for the back and two sides. I chose to create a lining to the top half as a way of getting even more quirky fabric into the waistcoat. Once the template was re-cut out of my patchwork pieces I pinned everything down to see how it looked/fit. I had to make a few adjustments and kept going back to it everyday after work. Once I was happy with the everything I begun to sew it all together. The top of the waistcoat took me a couple of weeks to do with intervals due to doing more shifts at work.

Once the top was done, the bottom only took me 5 hours to do. By now I was quick at sewing squares together. I don’t even know how many squares are in the final garment. I did the skirt to the waistcoat in quarters to break up the constant patchwork and add square of tie-dye fabric I had found in a fabric store back home. Originally, I planned to just sew the skirt on as a continuation of the top, however, once I had pinned the two parts together I really liked the way the fabric created the gaps that I decided to keep for the final design. Happy accident. Adding embellishments to the waistcoat was easier because I’m a hoarder. I collect things that I don’t need but somehow want. The sun and bells hanging from the waistcoat are from a broken wind chime I couldn’t part with and now add the weight needed for the fabric to create the gaps I liked so much. Plus, now the waistcoat jingles.



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