con – final work (reflection)

I feel that I have achieved a lot this year and have a good balance of work to show. Everything works really well together which I am proud of. My waistcoat came out exactly as planned, if not better and it works really well with the colours in my paintings. My original plan was to display things on the floor again like my pop up exhibition but it did not work as well. I feel a more formal approach was appropriate for my assessment and the white of the walls makes the colours really stand out.

I did not achieve everything that I wanted to this year, I still have 2 big embroidery hoops I would like to work with. However, I feel this is a good thing as I am able to continue this style of work and really develop everything in my 3rd year which I am excited about. I feel that this style is something that I have been working towards my whole art life and I am really happy with it. In the future I would like to convey more of a newer version of 60’s ideals and comment on things I feel are wrong with the world. I am also going to continue developing my textiles and painting skills, there is always room for improvement.


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