doc – final work

Artist Statement

This year has made me think about ways to exhibit art and how art pieces do not have to be displayed hanging up as a painting in a gallery. My waistcoat is a piece of art that can be appreciated displayed on a mannequin or worn by someone in the street. It is completely handmade by me and I have left stitching and overlapping of material visible to showcase this. The waistcoat pays homage to the dress of Marijke Koger and the stylings of the Fool art collective. It comments on how I would like these kinds of skills to become important in the modern world, instead of mass consumption and textile waste.

My crystal painting series follows the same 60s/psychedelic vibe. They are something that has come directly from my consciousness and are a reflection on emotions, physic waves and crystal healing. They are an attempt to keep things light and positive in a negative world. I feel that is important to react to the world from a place of love and this is something that crystals help me to achieve. My paintings are about visually sharing this message through colour, glitter and all things ‘kitsch’.


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