Final 500 words on Field

Overall, my 2nd field project was the most influential to not only my practical work but also my written work. Although, there was no physical skill based learning involved ‘Art & the Conscious mind really helped me to be more mentally involved in my work and also helped with the theme of my dissertation. The mental link between artist and art is something I became interested in during college. The process from thought to physical is intriguing. The fact that material can be manipulated by the hand of the artist to show a specific concept is something that I have just begun to want to really understand.

In terms of my own work, the question ‘where does the end?’ has allowed me to think about how much of myself goes into making my artwork. The textiles process is something I believe allows you to really be involved with the direct relation between my hands and the material. I feel I can really convey myself through the work that goes into stitching and pinning. This very physical and direct hand to material relationship allows a very personal thing to be made. I also feel like the time it takes to create a textiles piece is important because you are giving up time in your life to create something. This is an argument I explore in my dissertation proposal and something I will be continuing with in terms or art and craft.

Art & the Conscious Mind also led me to think about inanimate objects and how spiritual some things can be. The idea that natural things can give off certain types of energies is something that I belief myself (and my artwork always stems from me). This is something that I applied to the sketch below doing the workshop. The idea of colours representing auras or even the ‘multi selves’ we have been talking about is something that I really like. The idea of ‘multi selves’ is also intriguing to me because of my de ja vu but also because I am a believer of alternate universes. If I had not experienced a certain thing in my life, would I be a completely different person?

I feel that the my first Field topic was a waste of my time because the only thing I learnt from it was that I did not want to do anything to do with ecological materials. None of my ideas or sketches I had during this topic were things that I wanted to explore or continue with. Words I remember being used the most are hemp and lime and I’m still unsure of what the difference between them is. I feel that some of the workshops were not planned very well. A lot of things were repeated more then twice and people started to not show up making it very difficult to work in a group. I completely preferred Art & the Conscious Mind because all the sessions felt very planned and well thought out and it was a very independent, reflective topic that helped me a lot with my subject work, I was able to take a lot from it.


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